Hi,  Katrine here – and welcome

I’m from 1965 and was diagnosed with the disease MS-multiple sclerosis in 2007. I also decided how I would “place the diagnosis” because I personally did not need to be sick.

My journey started in October 2007-where I had a weird feeling through a couple of weeks, a strange sensation under my feet-as if I had cotton wool in the shoes, I had back pain and a strange tingling sensation, felt like a belt over the middle of the back and thorax. So my husband suggested me to go to the doctor.

My doctor did act quickly and sent me immediately to the hospital. When I discovered what I was going for observation for, I went into shock and could not accept what happened. My lovely family, my husband and my 2 teenage daughters, my parents and sister were all very affected.

To my great despair, I was getting none specific instructions from the neurologists at the hospital. I was sent home and had to wait until the next examination.

For a long period, I woke up every morning with so much anxiety, that I had to say positive phrases inside myself again and again, until I finally had the courage to open up my eyes and become fully awake.

Yet a shock 8 weeks later, in December right before Christmas, my medical record was placed on the desk with another doctor in the hospital outpatient department. We were summoned to a meeting. The day came where we were destined for a conversation – like we thought was to be reassured and get some suggestions on how I could get further in life. But the Superintendent had a completely different agenda. He brutally pulled the rug from under us as he informed about statistics on the disease course, reduced length of life, heredity, etc.

For him, it was crucial that I participated in his medical project… and started on treatment right away. While I was crying, I did also insist on reading the folder about side effects and replied immediately with a “no thanks”.

The shock, we had to experience, which made my husband became grey in his face and I burst into tears – made me take a decision on finding my own way and seek for people who had been in the same situation.

I decided also to find out why I was in this situation. Later that evening, fate showed up and by searching on the Internet I found a new contact. I made an appointment with this person. Five days later we met and he explained all about the body’s responses to stress, and about  hormone systems and he could reassure me that my diagnosis in no way was a death sentence.

Within the one week, my life was first scuttled and then hauled ashore again, and I realized that there really was something to do. I dared faith in life again. But I also realized that I would not be getting the right support from my doctor.

Thus began the hunt for what I had to do, for getting well again. Here I could have had great use, of someone who could have sent me in the right direction from the first step. An alternative to toxic medical treatments, something more natural and without side effects. That direction which I luckily have found.

Today I am thankful for the harsh process which brutally laid me on the couch for nearly 2 years.
Here my pace got slowed down, my focus changed and I learned so much along the way. The process has given me tools, we now use every day.

The whole reason for why I want to share my story is – You don’t have to spend 2 years as I did! Life is too short for spending time being ill and depressed. Life is amazing and supposed to be fun.

You just have to deside about getting well again! Then grab the tools and inspiration I share here … [GET MY FREE TOOLS HERE] and start your personal journey.
Learning about your body and let life guide you on your path is much more joyful. And you get rewarded for being true to your self and staying in balance.

All the best
For you health, wealth and happiness