From ill to well – Forget the diagnosis

If you want to move yourself out of illness, this is possible! But you have to find and understand the cause, which can be like looking for the needle in a haystack.

Finding the cause of my own diagnosis on Multiple Sclerosis, gave me the cure to my healing. I call it my journey, as I literally was travelling with my husband, on a visit in New York, when I got an Aha experience on where I had to look and dive even deeper to learn more. [Get a notice when I have my lecture on video].

On my journey with cure and healing, I gained new knowledge with a much larger perspective than I had ever imagined. So I changed my life from ill to well, forgot all about the diagnosis and found my mission!

I now understand, that we by choosing to take the full responsibility for balancing our health, we take the steps to create peace and love in this world. We cannot avoid moving to a higher level of consciousness, when we begin to implement the basis for a good health. This is what humans on Mother Earth need to do because we all have a responsibility.

When I realized, that being tiny me in a good health and support others to take the same steps, can create more peace and love, I understood my mission.

I hope you find what you are looking for and even better, discovers things you didn’t know you need. So take your time – get inspiration and my FREE TOOL: The Health balance wheel [Free Download]


For your health, wealth and happiness