This site – and me … and my guests

I have many times been asked to tell the story on how I went from being ill to getting well again – which I gladly do, you’ll find a short version of what happened by reading [MY STORY]. 

As I started following my intuition, and took in the knowledge and implemented new habits systematically, I quickly became much better. I realised the causes that had influenced my health – and understood the adjustments I had to do

I resisted a chemical solution, though it meant that I stopped seeing my own doctor! I found knowledge by another holistic  practitioner, who gave me information and advice that was far more natural and without any side effects. I also read a lot of interesting books, and met new fantastic friends along the journey.

I often meet people who request more information. Which is why I decided to make this site. To share my experience, motivate and inspire others. There are things to learn and understand – but the basic elements the body needs, are actually quite simple and pure logic – when you discover how it works. You can download my Health Balance Wheel – to give you an idea, download it from here. [FREE DOWNLOAD]


You will find articles written by other people, as I will invite SPECIAL GUESTS with interesting insights – specialists and researchers – who want to share their knowledge. The holistic approach to healing through natural cure, is a ruff path for both practitioners and patients these times. We need to support each other in getting out of the pharmaceutical money game – which harms more than it cures. If you feel inspired, please reach out through the contact page.

I look so much forward to share and build this site and even develop a community – together with you and other like minded people – for the cause of a world with more peace and love.

Please feel free to share the love


For your health, wealth and happiness